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CFHI ManualCFHI Manual (in Spanish)

Child friendly healthcare - A manual for health workers

By Sue Nicholson and Andrew Clarke
Edited by Sue Burr and David Southall
Abridged by Alice and Oliver Ross

This is an assessment and implementation manual about ‘Child Friendly Healthcare’ (CFH) written for health workers who plan, organise, provide or give care to children and their families. The manual defines CFH by translating the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into simple CFH‘Standards’ that are applicable to everyday healthcare practices. It provides a method and process for assessing these and a simple structure for making any wanted or needed improvements so that children and their families everywhere can receive the ‘best possible’ healthcare, regardless of circumstance.

Last updated 10 July 2007

Download the CFHI Manual in individual sections

PDF formatPart 1: Texto Principal - Inicio a Standard 3 (PDF file 2mb)

PDF formatPart 2: Texto Principal - Standard 4 -10 (PDF file 2mb)

PDF formatPart 3: Texto Principal - Standard 11 a seccion 4 (PDF file 2mb)

PDF formatPart 4: Texto Principal - Seccion 5 - final (PDF file 654kb)

PDF formatTool 1 (PDF file 152kb)

A check list for children’s healthcare

Interview or questionnaire for health workers

Interview with parents / carers and/or older school age children

PDF formatTool 2 (PDF file 581kb)

Checklists, questions and interviews

PDF formatAppendix (PDF file 296kb)

Includes examples of:

  • An evaluation form
  • A format for writing an assessment report
  • A policy for preventing and managing a needle stick injury
  • Data that can be collected to provide information about a population’s health
  • A toy safety policy
  • A consent form
  • Essential equipment, medical supplies and drugs for emergencies
  • Organising and running a training course
  • Writing and funding a project proposal

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